Formerly the world's only full-time Antarctic journalist, I quit my job with The Antarctic Sun in 2015 to pursue a freelance career. My focus for the last decade has been on science journalism, but my interests and expertise include technology, health, business, travel, outdoors, cycling, and epicureanism (food and beer).


I had been with the U.S. Antarctic Program since 2003, first working as a grunt laborer to help build a new research station at the South Pole, including a winter (yes, it's as cold as it sounds). I then returned to my profession as a journalist (to the collective relief of the construction industry) and worked first as a contractor, then as a full-time employee, as writer and editor of the The Antarctic Sun. In all, I've made 10 trips to Antarctica, with more than three years of total "Ice" time. Before then, I worked as an assistant editor for an Army newspaper in the Marshall Islands and various publications in Texas.


Based in Denver, Colorado, since 2005. Now a digital nomad. Currently in Chicago, United States, as of February 2019. I hold an Editor-at-Large position with Nanalyze, a news website covering emerging technologies for investors.


Radio New Zealand


The Press (New Zealand)


The Hairpin


BFM Radio (Malaysia)


Deutsche Welle (German news site)