A hidden pearl

I made the call. The voice on the other end of the line was nondescript. "Hello?" I hesitated, blurting my rehearsed lines, flubbing the name in the process. "Yeah, sure," he replied. "How much do you want?" We agreed on a price, and a time and place to meet. The GPS led us down (up?) Cape Cod from Hyannis for about 30 minutes, the last few winding down a residential street that ended abruptly at a wharf. The smell of sea salt and rotting fish was immediate. We got out of the

Rolling through P-town

As travelers, we try to be locavores as much as possible. There's the obvious reason: You want to sample the local dishes, as there are few ways better to understand a culture than through its stomach. Another reason is more practical: It's usually cheaper to eat food endemic to a region rather than eat the imported version. Coming from Denver, we're naturally excited to be on the East Coast right now to enjoy the seafood smorgasbord. We've already sampled lobster and Quahogs